Frenchy Loeb

Watercolor Painting Classes

2 Hour Workshops at YOUR LOCATION

Meets 4 times, 2 hours per Session, minimum 6 person group, up to 12 students

Course Fee: $120 per person - includes all materials for in-class use

Learn how to paint with Watercolor! Frenchy Loeb, watercolor artist, will teach you the fundamentals of watercolor painting and landscape perspective.

Topics: Brush technique instruction will include Flat and Graded Washes, Wet-In-Wet, Dry Brush, Creating Whites, and secrets to fixing mistakes! Learn colors, papers, brush use with Cold Pressed Smooth Paper, Watercolor Paints and Brushes. Class discussion of perspective, expression and painting styles.

All necessary materials are provided for in-studio class use.

Private Instruction and Advanced classes too!

Frenchy's schedule and registration call 518-461-4893 or email Frenchy at

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